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Mayneord Phillips Summer Schools


The Mayneord Phillips Trust

Image of Professor William Valentine Mayneord, FRS
Image of Major Charles Edmund Stanley Phillips

The Trust was established in 1991 to commemorate the work of the late Professor W V Mayneord, and Major C S Phillips. Both were pioneers in the development of radiation physics applied to medicine. The three founding bodies of the Trust were the Institute of Physics , the British Institute of Radiology and the Institute of Physical Sciences in Medicine (now IPEM). Each body nominates two trustees who serve for three years. The object of the Trust is to provide post-graduate education for PhD level students, by means of biennial Summer Schools

A brief history of the summer schools and profiles of Professor Mayneord and Major Phillips can be found here

The Mayneord-Phillips Trust  organised a one day scientific meeting on 

Multi-modality Routine Image Quality Assessment: QC/QA and Standards

it was held at 28 Portland Place, London on the 14th of October 2014.

Full Programme details and information on how to register can be found in the attached document but also at

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